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Emergency numbers in the Chinese mainland:

Police (Calling)


First-aid Ambulance




Traffic Accidents


SOS in Wate


International Emergency Rescue Center in China:

The International Emergency Rescue Center was founded in China in October 1995 to meet the emergency needs of foreigners in the country. The center has a network consisting of 918 hospitals, covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Working process of Rescue Center in China

The Rescue Center's 24-hour Alarm Center opens 365 days of the year with an emergency hotline: 800-810-9995 or 010-88393900.

Basic condition:

You have to register with the center to be eligible for its services.

How to become a member of the International Emergency Rescue Center in China

The center cooperates with several insurance companies providing medical emergency services such as China Taiping Insurance Company, and provides easy access to medical services by cooperating with some foreign insurance companies such as Aetna.


The insured can directly call the Alarm Center if they have a medical emergency in the Chinese mainland.

The receptionist will provide basic medical and psychological support and if necessary help report the case to the relevant authorities.

The center will contact a suitable hospital, arrange medical treatment, and pay the medical costs in accordance with the insurance policy.

More information

To get more information about membership registration, please call the service hotline: 0086-10-88393953 or 88393872.

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