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A'ha Lake National Wetland Park

Updated: 2020-08-20


A'ha Lake National Wetland Park [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

Guiyang A'ha Lake Wetland Park, located in the southwest of Guiyang, covers a total area of 1,218 hectares with a wetland area of 473 hectares. There are three types of wetlands, namely rivers, swamps, and artificial wetlands. The park was approved by the State Forestry Administration in January 2015 as the first national wetland park in Guiyang. The park has received more than 6 million tourists, with a daily maximum of more than 80,000 visitors.


A'ha Lake National Wetland Park [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

More about Attractions

1. Cherry Blossom Avenue. When you walk through the park entrance to the extension of Yan'an South Road for around 100 meters, you will find the Cherry Blossom Avenue.

2. North Plaza. With more than 20,000 square meters, the plaza is renowned for its picturesque landscape with old trees standing high and a magnificent sea of flowers.

3. Wind and Rain Bridge. According to the characteristics of wind and rain bridges in the Dong ethnic group, the bridge is 43.8 meters long and 6 meters wide. It has pavilions in the middle, which have five tiers, and pavilions at both ends of the bridge have three tiers, and all of them are painted with pictures of songs and dances with ethnic characteristics. It is reported that the bridge uses more than 130 wooden posts made of Chinese fir, among which the large one is 50 centimeters in diameter and 14 meters long. Beside the bridge sit the drum tower and stilt houses (diaojiaolou in Chinese pinyin, which literally means the house with hanging feet) built in the style of the Miao ethnic group.


A'ha Lake National Wetland Park [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

4. Children's Amusement Park. With a floor space of more than 100,000 square meters, there are 10 exciting facilities such as crazy trains, kangaroos jump, and fantasy world. Besides, children's favorite music fountain, studio and DIY handicraft workshop are also available.

5. Lily Magnolia Cluster. With all the lawns, it resembles a golf course.

6. Chirping Valley. Sitting in the cabin, you can listen to birds chirpping while sipping fragrant tea.

7. Lotus Flower Bunch. In this area mainly composed of a leisure plaza and wetland, you can not only enjoy beautiful scenery over the river but fish for your meals.

8. Water Goes with Time. Waterfalls, stepping stones, lakes, shallows, stont mills and lush woods constitute a wonderful landscape.

9. Flower Valley. It's an ideal place for shooting wedding photos against the background of numerous flowers and greens. In addition, the windmills and greenhouses, along with an old spring well, are charming as well.

10. Sports and Recreation Centre. There are indoor swimming pools, badminton courts and tennis courts, six five-a-side football fields and seven standard basketball courts.


A'ha Lake National Wetland Park [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

Bus Lines: 312, 313

Business hours: 24 hours

Ticket: Free

Address: A'ha Lake Wetland Park, Huaguoyuan, Nanming District

Tel: 0851-85116666, 85162178


A'ha Lake National Wetland Park [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

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