Nanming District Department of Ecological Civilization Construction


Be responsible for the overall planning, organization, coordination, supervision and inspection of the ecological efforts of the district;and guide the construction of ecologically civilized urban areas.


Nanming District Bureau of Culture, Sports and Broadcasting


The Nanming District Bureau of Culture, Sports and Broadcasting is the administrative department in charge of the cultural, sports, radio and television, and press and publicationof the Nanming District.


Nanming District Department of Commerce


Carry out the State’s guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on domestic and foreign trade, international economic cooperation and utilization of foreign capital.


Nanming District Agriculture and Water Authority


Organize, manage and coordinatethe workof agriculture, countryside and poverty alleviation and development.


Nanming District Statistics Bureau


​Implement the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on national, provincial and municipal statistical work; organize, lead and coordinate comprehensively the statistical work of the district.


Nanming District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau


Carry out the development plans and policies of the State, the province and the city on human resources and social security undertakings.


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