A'ha Lake National Wetland Park


Guiyang A'ha Lake Wetland Park, located in the southwest of Guiyang, covers a total area of 1,218 hectares with a wetland area of 473 hectares.


Guizhou's A-level scenic spots offer 50 percent discounts


To boost consumption and aid the tourism industry, all A-level scenic spots in Southwest China's Guizhou province are offering a 50 percent discount on tickets for domestic and international tourists. The discount program will last from Aug 1 to Dec 31.


The former residence of Wang Boqun


The former residence of Wang Boqun is situated west of Huguo Road of Nanming district in Guiyang.


The Forest Park


The forest park is the former Experimental Forest Farm of Guizhou Academy of Forestry, which was used as forest park in 1961.


Sanyuan Palace


Sanyuan Palace is situated near theJinsuo bridge on the West Ruijin Road in Guiyang, Guizhou province.


Jiaxiu Pavilion


The famous ancient pavilion Jiaxiu Pavilion situates at Nanming river, which is a cultural landmark of Guiyang.


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