Cao Zhuangyuan Street: A must-visit destination in Nanming


Cao Zhuangyuan Street in Nanming district, Guiyang, has a rich cultural atmosphere, making it well worth a visit.


Spring brings a splash of color to Nanming


The beautiful flowers in Nanming are more than enough to attract tourists from all over the country.


Renovated Qingyun Market offers new experience to visitors


The upgraded Qingyun Market took on a whole new look and now offers a more colorful experience to visitors.


Purple flowers attract tourists to Nanming's rural fields


Glorious verbena flowers planted in dozens of mu of land are now blooming, filling the air with wafting fragrance and luring enchanted visitors to the fields in Taohuawu village.


Wild roses in full blossom add vitality to Nanming


Wild roses of various colors are in full bloom on the surrounding wall of Huaguoyuan Central Park in Nanming district, Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, forming a long flower wall and becoming a beautiful landscape.


A'ha Lake National Wetland Park


Guiyang A'ha Lake Wetland Park, located in the southwest of Guiyang, covers a total area of 1,218 hectares with a wetland area of 473 hectares.


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