Erqi Street: A melting pot of all the flavors of Guizhou


Guiyang residents and tourists seek snacks on Erqi Street in Nanming district.


Iron Stove Home Cuisine: Passing on the authentic taste of Guizhou


Iron Stove Home Cuisine, a brand specializing in classic Guizhou cuisine, was established in 2021 and covers an area of 600 square meters.


'Colorful Guizhou·Fantastic Flavors' event sets sail at Qingyun Market


The "Colorful Guizhou·Fantastic Flavors" event was officially launched on June 13 at the Qingyun Market.


Guiyang gradually resumes dine-in services


Despite the lingering impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, Guiyang has been gradually resuming dine-in services at restaurants since Oct 10.


Seek authentic Guizhou food at Nanheng pedestrian mall


Nanheng pedestrian mall has become a must-see for those on the hunt for snacks and dishes in Guiyang city.


Qingyun Market offers new choice for foodies


The upgraded Qingyun Market opens to the public on Dec 11.


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