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Iron Stove Home Cuisine: Passing on the authentic taste of Guizhou

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2023-06-29


Some authentic Guizhou dishes cooked by chefs at the restaurant Iron Stove Home Cuisine. [Photo/nanming.gov.cn]

Iron Stove Home Cuisine, a brand specializing in classic Guizhou cuisine, was established in 2021 and covers an area of 600 square meters.

"Sitting around the iron stove and listening to the sound of the fire hook hitting the fire ring awakens the taste buds of my childhood memories," said Lei Jing, the founder of the restaurant.

Iron stoves can be found on the dining tables of most Guizhou households, and in Lei's opinion, they are the best companion for Guizhou cuisine.

Therefore, when she founded Iron Stove Home Cuisine, she wanted to preserve the memory of this traditional Guizhou dining table, which not only represents a characteristic of the local cuisine but also allows residents and tourists to understand and experience Guizhou's food culture while enjoying its authentic flavor.

Stewed fish, preserved pork with yuxingcao (Herba houttuyniae), spicy chicken, and marinated meat with sweet and sour preserved plums are all authentic specialties of Guizhou.

From the selection of chili for seasoning to the choice of ingredients for dishes, Lei is very particular about the freshness of each ingredient and the balance between fragrance and spiciness of the chili. While retaining the original taste of the ingredients, Guizhou's soul of sour and spicy flavor is incorporated into the dishes, presenting the food to diners with the perfect taste.

In addition to respecting authentic flavors, innovation is equally important. "While sticking to the authentic Guizhou flavor, we also incorporate the tastes and preferences of some residents and tourists, and have innovated dishes made from chicken, tofu, and eggplant," she said.

Authentic Guizhou cuisine emphasizes the selection of ingredients and the mastery of heat control. It also values the chef's insight and creativity. As such, Lei hired three chefs, each responsible for a specific category of dishes, including one for hot dishes and another for cold plates, to ensure the quality of each dish remains consistent.


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