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Updated: 2021-01-14

Education Bureau of Nanming District: 0851-85813698

Women's Federation of Nanming District: 0851-85812201

Market Supervision Administration of Nanming District: 0851-85813769/ 0851-85815066

Social Assistance Bureau of Nanming District: 0851-85827324

Nanming District Justice Bureau (complaints and reporting): 0851-85847319

Medical (treatment) Dispute Intermediation Center: 0851-85505906

Legal aid center of Nanming District: 0851-85814061/ 0851-85509808

People's Hospital of Nanming District: 0851-85503035

City Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Nanming District: 0851-85797319

Environment hotline: 12369/ 0851-85564797

Nanming District Labor Court of Arbitration: 0851-85824463

Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Nanming District: 0851-85813406

Nanming District Guarantor Center of small loans in pioneering work: 0851-85843891

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