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How-to China: New antibody drug to boost COVID fight

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: 2021-12-24

Editor's Note: The eyes of the world are turning to China. In this ongoing series How-to China, we tell stories about how Chinese approaches promote understanding, solve problems and improve the lives of people around the globe.

Nearly two years after the COVID-19 outbreak, China has granted emergency approval for its first antibody combination therapy for COVID-19 treatment, adding a tool to the world's arsenal against the disease.

The monoclonal neutralizing antibody cocktail is jointly developed by Brii Biosciences, Tsinghua University and the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen.

Compared with other similar drugs available around the world, what's the advantage of this therapy? How does it work? Is it effective against the Omicron and other variants? Can it be used for prevention? Finally, when will it be ready for clinical use?

In an exclusive interview with China Daily, Zhang Linqi, leader of the research team and director of the Global Health and Infectious Diseases Research Center and Comprehensive AIDS Research Center at the Tsinghua University's School of Medicine, shared with us the story behind the latest breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19.

The following are excerpts from the interview:

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