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Seek authentic Guizhou food at Nanheng pedestrian mall

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2022-04-20


A tourist walks past a wall engraved with key words from Guizhou's unique culture. [Photo/Tianyan news network]

Nanheng pedestrian mall, only a few minutes away from the landmark Jiaxiu Pavilion in Guiyang – capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province – has become a must-see for those on the hunt for snacks and dishes in the city.

The pedestrian mall is home to around 100 business operators and 600 households.

It features all kinds of authentic cuisine originating from Guizhou province, as well as a wall engraved with key words from Guizhou's unique culture.


Nanheng pedestrian mall features a rich variety of authentic Guizhou food. [Photo/Tianyan news network]


Delicious barbecue and marinated food hang in the window of a shop at the Nanheng pedestrian mall. [Photo/Tianyan news network]

The pedestrian strip became a landmark for foodies in Guiyang in 2018, riding the crest of its popularity and benefiting local residents and industries.

Moving forwards, the pedestrian mall is expected to be further promoted and improved, under the city's plan to advance the development of its time-honored food brands.


A woman prepares shaobing, or sesame seed baked rolls, in a snack store at the mall. [Photo/Tianyan news network]







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