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Nanming joins top 100 districts in China in cultural competitiveness

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2023-06-19


Jiaxiu Pavilion is the landmark building of Nanming district. [Photo/nanming.gov.cn]

Nanming district in Guiyang, the capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has ranked 92nd on the 2023 index of China's top 100 districts in terms of the competitiveness of their cultural industries.

The list was released at the 2023 China County Cultural Industry High-Quality Development Seminar held at the 19th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair.

The China cultural industry competitiveness index is a further optimization of big data sources and applications based on the China Provincial Cultural Industry Development Index. It aims to objectively reflect the development of the cultural industry at the district level in China.

The index consists of three sub-indexes: productivity, influence, and driving force.

The former evaluates the cultural industry's main body, capital, and other factors. The influence index evaluates its brand influence and the impact of public opinion.  

The driving force index evaluates the capital available for the industry's further development, the level of public support, and the overall environment in terms of supporting innovation.

Nanming district, with Jiaxiu Tower as its core, is combing the area to capitalize on its history and culture.

Nanming not only represents the beginning of urban settlements in Guizhou's 700-year history, but also ranks as the birthplace of the mother river culture of Guiyang, and the origin of Wang Yangming's teachings.

It has a long historical heritage and rich culture, as evidenced by a trove of relics, celebrity stories, local ethnic culture, and the culture related to the Party. 

Nanming actively promotes the integration of "culture+" business formats, enriches cultural connotations, activates industrial vitality, and turns cultural resource advantages into industrial development strengths.


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