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Nanming makes strides in ecological civilization construction

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2023-07-11

In recent years, Nanming district has taken actions to fight against air, water and earth pollution, and improve its rural environment. These continuous efforts have paid dividends.

By 2022, Nanming achieved an excellent air quality rate of 100 percent. The water quality of surface water sections and drinking water sources of Nanming both reached 100 percent.

The rural centralized water supply rate, tap water coverage rate, and water quality compliance rate also scored 100 percent.

Meanwhile, the collection rate of rural sewage in Nanming increased to 60 percent, and three rural areas with foul and black water bodies were remedied.

Additionally, through years of afforestation efforts, the forest coverage rate in Nanming reached 41.68 percent. The number of parks there now stands at 154.

Moving forward, Nanming plans to accelerate the transformation of its economic and social development by prioritizing ecology and encouraging green development.

Nanming has set a target for the green economy to account for 48 percent of regional GDP by 2023.

To achieve this, efforts will be pinned on building a national demonstration city for ecological civilization, creating a nationally innovative city, and striving to be a national model of civilization.

Plans are afoot for Nanming to promote pollution prevention and control. The aim is to maintain excellent air quality for over 95 percent of the year, achieve a 100 percent compliance rate for water quality in controlled sections at both the national and provincial levels, and ensure that water sources for centralized drinking water reach the required standards.

Effective control of soil pollution risks in Nanming will also be implemented. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive utilization rate of bulk industrial solid waste of more than 70 percent, and disposal and utilization rates of general industrial solid waste of over 98 percent. The harmless disposal rate of medical waste there is expected to reach 100 percent.

Moreover, efforts will be made to ensure Nanming's green development in terms of building energy-saving buildings, logistics parks, and improving afforestation.





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