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Affordable rental housing: A talent magnet in Nanming

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2023-11-17


An exterior view of the talent-oriented, affordable rental housing of the Nanming Gangchuangchang project. [Photo/Guiyang network]

In an effort to attract and retain more talented human resources in Nanming district, various measures have been implemented of late, such as renovating buildings, constructing new premises, and purchasing property to provide affordable rental housing.

Currently, there are three projects in the district aimed at transforming underutilized and inefficient assets into talent-oriented affordable rental housing, providing a total of 750 apartments for this desirable demographic.

One of these projects is the renovation of the Nanming Gangchuangchang project, located at No 225, Guihui Road. It covers an area of 3,471.60 square meters.

Prior to the renovation, the facility was old and damaged, making it an underutilized and inefficient asset. It was once part of a non-centralized shantytown transformation project in Nanming.


An interior view of an apartment at the talent-oriented affordable rental housing of Nanming Gangchuangchang project. [Photo/Guiyang network]

Renovation began in 2022 and involved interior decoration, outdoor pipe network transformation, exterior facade renovation, and elevator retrofitting.

With these improvements in place, the project aims to create a more attractive and vibrant community for talented individuals to call home.

August of this year saw Wen Jinxin, an employee at one local resident enterprise, successfully apply for a subsidized apartment allocated for talents at Nanming Gangchuangchang.

The housing arrangement allows Wen to reach the office in just a 20-minute walk. He pays a monthly rent of less than 600 yuan.

The apartment's convenient location grants easy access to daily transportation and leisure options, boosting Wen's quality of life.

In a recent statement, an official from the district's housing and urban-rural development bureau emphasized its commitment to fostering talent and growth.

To achieve this goal, Nanming plans to bolster its publicity campaigns, informing more people about the available housing subsidies and policies to support local talents.

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