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Cultural blocks show vitality of Nanming's urban renewal

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2023-11-20


Visitors pay a visit to the newly-renovated Cao Zhuangyuan Street Area in Nanming district. [Photo/nanming.gov.cn]

In recent years, Nanming district in the city of Guiyang in Southwest China's Guizhou province has been focusing on creating a distinctive demonstration area for urban renewal, with Qingyun Market and Cao Zhuangyuan Street among the most typical representatives.

The first phase of Qingyun Market opened its doors in December 2021. Following up on the success of that, the first phase of Cao Zhuangyuan Street Area started operating this September.

These two projects have attracted hordes of tourists from both within and outside the province, igniting the popularity, business atmosphere, and vitality of Nanming district.

Qingyun Market is a landmark new consumption scene that Nanming is focused on developing. It has been upgraded and transformed from the original Guiyang Knitting Factory, with a total investment of 190 million yuan and a construction area of 50,000 square meters.

"It integrates dining, leisure, entertainment, and cultural and creative markets," said Zhang Fenglan, the person in charge of Qingyun Market,

According to Zhang,  it has helped to transform the image of the region and upgrade its commercial format, all while preserving the original features of some old properties. The culture of Guiyang and modern fashion trends coexist harmoniously.


Qingyun Market is especially popular among visitors in the evening. [Photo/nanming.gov.cn]

The market's interior decor combines tradition and modernity. It retains the industrial appearance of the old factory while also incorporating trendy modern elements, allowing the city's memories and lively atmosphere to intertwine.

Qingyun Market has evolved into a diversified consumer market that combines dining, leisure, shopping, entertainment, sports, exhibitions, and performances.

"At present, more than 270 merchants have been attracted to settle in the market," said Zhang. In 2022, the total number of visits to Qingyuan Market reached 4.8 million.

In the future, a series of entertainment activities will be held to attract more tourists and residents to this locale, Zhang added.

Located in the central area of Nanming district, Cao Zhuangyuan Street Area began construction in November 2022. The project primarily focuses on the renovation of old urban residential areas, the creation of distinctive streets, and the restoration of key cultural heritage sites.

The revitalization of the area covers 140,000 square meters, including the renovation and upgrading of 17 old courtyards and the development of three characteristic streets: Cao Zhuangyuan Street, Nanheng Street, and Xiahuguo Road.

By preserving the historical context and retaining the city's memories, the area further promotes functional transformation, industrial upgrading, and enhanced vitality. It aims to be a cultural leisure, creative, and experiential exhibition center, integrating a strong sense of history with its traditional food culture.

The first phase of Cao Zhuangyuan Street Area has already welcomed more than 200 stores to set up shop there.

"Here one can experience the culture of successful scholars, historical culture, and food culture," said a Guiyang resident after visiting the area.

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