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Nanming intelligent manufacturing industrial park on high-quality development path

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-01-16

In recent years, the Nanming Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in the city of Guiyang has experienced high-quality development, emerging as a key industrial cluster within the area.

The park focuses on attracting cutting-edge technology and high-quality enterprises from developed regions, aiming to foster industries characterized by "high technology, high efficiency, high output, light assets, and pollution-free operations."

The park covers a total area of approximately 761 mu (50.73 hectares) and is being developed in five phases.

Phases 1 to 3 have already been completed and put into operation. They occupy a total area of 451 mu with a combined floor area of approximately 467,000 square meters and encompass 47 factory buildings.

Since it started operating, the park has been developing the electronic information manufacturing and biotechnology sectors, accelerating the pace of industrial agglomeration.

Through relentless efforts in the field of electronic information manufacturing, the park has gradually nurtured and developed "leading" enterprises such as Xinzhizao Technology and Microview Electronics, actively building, extending, strengthening, and supplementing the entire industrial chain.

In the realm of biotechnology, the park is fully committed to cultivating a biotechnology system with a focus on "leading" enterprises, including Guangdong Authenmole Biotech and Aglaction Biology, gradually forming a biotechnology characteristic industrial system encompassing innovative research and development, cultivation and breeding, production and manufacturing, and inspections and testing.

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