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Nanming makes list of China's top 100 districts in terms of green development

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-02-08


Nanming district has improved its ecological environment after years of effort. [Photo/Nanming Media Center]

The 2023 China Small and Medium-Sized Cities High-Quality Development Index Report was recently released, with Nanming district in Guiyang city being listed as one of the top 100 districts nationwide for green development.

Nanming has consistently moved on the path towards eco-friendly and green development, which has enhanced not only its ecological environment, but also resident satisfaction rates.

In specific efforts, the district has refined and improved its emergency control plans for light to moderate air pollution, enhanced the list of pollution sources controlled by environmental air quality monitoring stations, and conducted comprehensive inspections and spot checks on non-road mobile machinery in order to continually improve the air quality within its jurisdiction.

By focusing on inspecting and rectifying sewage outlets into rivers, upgrading centralized drinking water sources, and addressing urban black and odorous water bodies, the district has regularly conducted environmental monitoring of drinking water sources. It has also continuously deepened the standardized construction of centralized drinking water sources, and conducted special environmental risks inspections within drinking water source protection areas.


Nanming district has improved its ecological environment after years of effort. [Photo/Nanming Media Center]

The district has also strengthened law enforcement and supervision in polluted sites, conducted rigorous on-site inspections, and strictly managed the environmental access of construction land to ensure a 100 percent safe utilization rate in key construction areas, providing residents with a secure living environment.

Simultaneously, Nanming has steadily promoted the construction of a "waste-free city" and drafted the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Construction of a 'Waste-Free City' in Nanming District."

It has established a work coordination mechanism that centers on creating "zero waste" demonstration points in various living units, continuously supervising medical and hazardous waste, and promoting the reduction and resource utilization of solid waste at the source.

To date, Nanming has achieved a forest coverage rate of 41.68 percent, increased its number of parks to 154, maintained an excellent air quality rate of 99.3 percent, and achieved a 100 percent compliance rate for surface water quality.

Also, the district achieved a 100 percent water quality compliance rate for centralized drinking water sources, a 100 percent safe utilization rate for key construction land, and a 100 percent harmless disposal rate for medical waste.


Nanming district has improved its ecological environment after years of effort. [Photo/Nanming Media Center]

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