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Nanming sees high-quality development in economy, society

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: 2024-02-23

Over the past year, Nanming district in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, achieved coordinated high-quality development.

In 2023, the district's GDP reached 104.85 billion yuan ($14.36 billion), a year-on-year growth of 4.7 percent, marking the second year in a row that it has surpassed 100 billion yuan and the fifth year in a row that it has ranked first in the city.

Additionally, it was recognized among the 2023 National Top 100 in Comprehensive Strength, National Top 100 in Green Development, National Top 100 in Investment Potential, National Top 100 in Science and Technology Innovation, and National Top 100 in Comprehensive Tourism Strength.

In 2023, Nanming promoted intelligent, green, and integrated industrial development, leading to a simultaneous increase in both the quantity and quality of economic development.

Throughout the year, the district completed the construction of standardized factory buildings covering an area of 620,000 square meters and added 15 new large-scale industrial enterprises.

The output value of industries above a designated size in the district reached 26.71 billion yuan.

That same year, the district saw a net increase of 17,900 newly-cultivated market entities, with the total number of private market entities exceeding 178,000, and the number of private enterprises surpassing 90,000, the most in the province.

The digital economy industry in Nanming had an output of 4.22 billion yuan, the second most in the province.

Meanwhile, Nanming also focused on addressing the urgent needs and concerns of the people, continuously improving their quality of life.

It constructed nine 15-minute living circles, provided 5,859 additional parking spaces and established three fresh food supermarkets.

The district also completed the transformation of 6,920 households in shantytowns, renovated 12,174 households in old neighborhoods, improved 42 alleys, and reconstructed 191 kilometers of underground pipe networks.

Moreover, seven schools were built or renovated, student enrollment capacity was increased by 4,050, and 39,677 new urban jobs were created.

Additionally, 33 township-level medical and health institutions in Nanming achieved full coverage of medical alliances and traditional Chinese medicine clinics.

Furthermore, the district established six elderly care service consortia.

The district's air quality maintained an excellent rate of 99.5 percent throughout the year, with a 100 percent compliance rate for centralized drinking water sources, safe utilization of key construction land, and harmless disposal of medical waste.

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