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Nanming crafts diverse consumer experiences to meet diverse demands

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-06-14

In recent years, Nanming district in Guiyang has been dedicated to catering to diverse consumer needs and upgrading its commercial landscape in a bid to drive high-quality development in the trade sector.

In so doing, Nanming is focusing on its six major urban commercial hubs – Huaguoyuan, Da'nanmen, Dashizi, Binhe, Shougang, and Guiyang Railway Station, accelerating key project construction, attracting flagship stores, developing the nighttime economy, and hosting various activities.

Creating new commercial landmarks

On May 31, the iconic commercial complex Dolphin Plaza in the Huaguoyuan commercial hub officially opened its doors. The mall was bustling with activity, attracting over 780,000 visits in its first three days.

"Dolphin Plaza not only serves the surrounding community and business population, infusing the city with a sense of youthful vigor, but also serves other areas of Guiyang and attracts tourists and business travelers," said a representative from the plaza's operator.

Building regional commercial circles

Huaguoyuan Shopping Center, Huaguoyuan Wetland Park, and the Boyang Art International Exchange Center in Huaguoyuan have long been popular spots for residents to relax, engage in recreational activities, and shop.

This year, with the spatial connection of Haile Street and the added vitality of Dolphin Plaza, the attractiveness, competitiveness, and service capabilities of the Huaguoyuan commercial hub have reached new heights.

The Haile Street commercial area spans 25,000 square meters, connecting Dolphin Plaza with Huaguoyuan Shopping Center and Huaguoyuan Wetland Park. The street began trial operations in January and officially opened in February, with a 95 percent commercial occupancy rate.

It features a variety of businesses, including dining, retail, clothing, footwear, and cultural and creative products.

Haile Street is characterized by its immersive themed spaces, cultural performances, and new consumption scenarios. It aims to create a core consumption space centered on fashionable shopping, entertainment, casual dining, and trendy photo spots.

A representative from the Nanming district bureau of commerce stated that efforts will continue to upgrade the Huaguoyuan commercial hub, leveraging iconic buildings like the Shuangzi Towers to create a scenic, experiential street that combines international culture, entertainment, and tourism.

The district will also expand consumption scenarios and consumption hotspots, striving to make it a center of youth culture. Additionally, the development of a "15-minute living circle" will be accelerated, making community commerce more diverse, concentrated, and intelligent, thereby meeting the needs of different consumer groups.

Deepening the integration of culture, tourism, and commerce

A rich array of activities integrating culture, tourism, and commerce are key to unlocking consumption potential.

Nanming is committed to building historical and cultural streets and accelerating the presentation of historical and cultural areas.

By focusing on important dates such as holidays, the district organizes events like the Guiyang Roadside Concert, laser shows, and government consumption voucher promotions. These activities optimize consumption supply and enhance overall competitiveness.

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