Noodles with Pig Intestine and Blood Curds


The noodles with pig intestine and blood curds are one of the main household snacks of Han ethnic group in Guiyang, Guizhou province.


Tofu Balls


Tofu Balls are one of the traditional snacks of Guiyang, among which Lei’s is the most famous. It takes tofu as the main ingredient, which is fried lightly in a home-cooked style.


Guiyang Rice Noodles with Beef


Rice noodles with beef is the most popular breakfast choice for Guiyang people, and the Huaxi beef noodles enjoys the most popularity.


Swaddled Shreds


Also known for vegetarian spring rolls, Swaddled Shreds is one of the most common street snacks in Guiyang.


Sour Fish Soup


Sour Fish Soup, a dish unique to the Miao ethnic group, is sour and spicy.


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