Nanming companies get 'Gui'-designation to boost status


Recently, the Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce identified 20 companies in the province as the first batch of "Gui"-designated commercial institutions.


'Home of Enterprises' upgrades business services in Nanming


Since the beginning of this year, Nanming district has been striving to continuously improve its government services and become more efficient and convenient in order to optimize the local business environment.


Nanming achieves breakthroughs in high-quality development


Nanming has been making great efforts to promote its high-quality development and further advancement, with steady progress in various indicators seen in the first half of the year.


Nanming pursues innovative industrial development


In recent years, Nanming district has accelerated the pace at which it is promoting a new type of industrialization.


Nanming's high-tech enterprises rank second in Guizhou


Nanming district has been advancing the cultivation and certification actions for technology-based enterprises, and significant results have been delivered.


Nanming joins top 100 districts in China in cultural competitiveness


Nanming ranked 92nd on the 2023 index of China's top 100 districts in terms of the competitiveness of their cultural industries.


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