Guiyang Roadside Concerts ignite night with Cantonese classics


On June 28, the Guiyang Roadside Concerts presented a special Cantonese-themed evening, bringing warmth and joy to a rainy night.


Nanming accelerates development of new quality productive forces


Nanming district in Guiyang is propelling forward a modern industrial system centered around new quality productive forces, with a focus on electronic information manufacturing and a distinctive biotechnology industry.


Nanming gig market boosts flexible employment


Nanming district has been continuously improving its public employment service system, extending services to the local level and promoting the standardized development of gig markets.


Nanming streamlines enterprise information changes with 'one-stop' service


Ms Xu, a representative of Guizhou Dingding Daming Cultural Development Co, became one of the first users to experience the streamlined "one-stop" enterprise information change process at the Nanming District Government Service Center.


Nanming crafts diverse consumer experiences to meet diverse demands


Nanming district has been dedicated to catering to diverse consumer needs and upgrading its commercial landscape in a bid to drive high-quality development in the trade sector.


Cultural and Natural Heritage Day event shines in Nanming


The intangible cultural heritage promotion and display event of the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, along with the Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival, was held on Qingyun Road.


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